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INJURIES BOARD (Interim Report 2014) EATS ITS OWN!

If you follow my earlier Blogs you know I have a soft spot for the Injury Board ….I wrote the Guide to it after all.

Today we have the half yearly report of 2014 from the Injuries Board and the headlines on the media first thing are that the insurance companies are not playing fair by keeping details of their settlements from the Injuries Board.

By way of background here you will recall the insurance companies got the government at the time to set up the Injuries Board on the basis it was going to save money. Once established by law the Injuries Board it would seem could do no wrong. Times change however and with the absence of almost 250,000 plus insurable people gone abroad competition has become very cut throat for insurance business for the motoring public.

Needless to say all parties who are paying claims want to try and save money. The insurance companies however woke up to the fact that if they were more efficient in their dealing with the innocent injured public, that they could in fact negotiate settlements directly without people having to go to the Injuries Board at all. In the past five years there has been a much more proactive approach by insurance companies once they get a hold of the injured party’s personal details such as their phone number and their home address. This allows them canvass settlements to them.

In fact Quinn Insurance in their day were notorious for this, calling to the door and in one case calling to a hospital bed to try and settle a case without it going into any further litigation.

What we have now is Ms Byron the head of the Injuries Board warning as these Settlements occur “behind closed doors” they are concerned about “the impact of competitive premiums and potentially false or exaggerated claims” Hey it’s the Insurance Companies money …they can decide what they like!

It seems to me she has sour grapes and that she might have a reduction in the number of claims which go through her Injury Board and then she will have to justify her existence to her paymasters who effectively are the insurance companies themselves.

Her press statement goes on to state that” the industry is not providing data on settlements and we’re calling on them to do so”.

This Media speak translates as follows. The insurance companies realise they have set up an expensive process which they are asked to pay for known as the Injuries Board. They realise they themselves with proper negotiation and being fair to injured innocent parties can save money by negotiating direct without the need for the Injuries Board. They will even contribute to your costs which the Injuries Board will not do.

The Injuries Board are now trying to save their own position by essentially whinging to their pay masters that they are not giving information to the Injuries Board. Presumably if all these details are available the Injuries Board could lower their own settlements which are generally higher than what the insurance companies will offer.

They always have to offer more because otherwise what is the justification for going to the Injuries Board with your claim in the first place.

Surely this will have a rebound effect on how they deal with the Injuries Board on an ongoing basis. If you are an injured party you should be well aware of the rights you have to claim compensation and let nobody take that away from you .Whether by short term negotiation with some insurance official when you have no idea of the value of your claim or indeed settling for an Injuries Board offer when again you have no idea how your injury will recover.

Did anyone tell the Injuries Board it’s none of their business what my clients’ settlement terms are?

Data Protection Law anyone?