Commercial Litigation in Ireland


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In today’s complicated corporate environment, legal disputes can sometimes be an inevitable part of doing business. These legal disputes can use up important time and energy that you could be spending working on building your business. Working with Michael Monahan Solicitors can help you resolve your commercial litigation issues easily and effectively.

We can resolve your commercial legal conflicts in the most innovative prompt and efficient way possible.

Whether your commercial legal dispute is about business arrangements, business contracts, transactions, business relationships, compliance issues or accusations of negligence, Michael Monahan Solicitors are dedicated to developing a legal strategy that is carefully lined up with your commercial objectives, we will will make sure that have an extensive understanding of the problems, risks, opportunities and the objectives and priorities of your company. Through a negotiated settlement, or by going to court, we’ll deal with you to attain the best possible results that satisfy your company requirements

Michael Monahan Solicitors are professional legal advisors to corporate Ireland, from private business to start-ups, national corporations and all types of businesses We can help resolve your companies corporate litigation issues.

Our knowledge covers a complete variety of commercial and corporate litigation issues in Ireland, including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Product liability
  • Class actions
  • Investor conflicts
  • Collaboration disputes
  • Banking lawsuits
  • Internal investigations
  • Professional Negligence
  • Solicitors negligence
  • Breaches of agreements
  • Medical liability
  • Insurance and professional liability

Michael Monahan Solicitors approach to commercial litigation is Practical, cost-effective and responsive, we will help you establish and perform an effective legal strategy that leads to the best possible result for both you and your company.

Our legal team is knowledgeable in all areas of commercial litigation in Ireland, and endeavours to keep up to date with patterns and advancements in the Irish corporate environment.

Whether your commercial litigation issue involves a forensic internal investigation, a class action, company litigation, or a product liability case, Michael Monahan Solicitors can supply professional legal counsel on any business matter, whether in Sligo or throughout Ireland. Whatever the scale or difficulty of the corporate dispute, we provide creative, intelligent legal options that are customised to our clients needs.

With expert legal knowledge of the business and reputational concerns and dangers that can affect your company in these challenging times, our legal advisors will help you prevent, recuperate and manage a wide range of critical legal situations.

Michael Monahan Solicitors can help you attain ideal results with your commercial litigation because:

  • We solve your commercial legal disputes in the most innovative, timely and reliable method.
  • We have experience in the complete range of commercial legal strategies.
  • We will consider all forms of resolution where appropriate.

    These may consist of a negotiated settlement, the use of alternative conflict resolution strategies or the usage of issuing legal proceeding through the courts.

  • We have the experience to evaluate complex business scenarios and compare them to anticipated litigation outcomes.
  • Our solicitors can represent your interests in conflicts both in Ireland and Internationally.
  • We tailor our approach to your specific needs: your problems, urgency and financial issues.

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Michael Monahan Solicitor 47 John Street, Sligo CALL US ON 071 912 9070