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The firm of Michael Monahan Solicitor Sligo act for both private and commercial clients throughout Ireland.

Although we are based in Sligo we service clients globally.
For personal meetings at our office Saturday and evening meetings are always possible by prior arrangement.

Michael Monahan Solicitor are a trusted and effective legal team that are trained in the art of communication. We can resolve your legal issue and guide you through the issues that arise. We can give you a clear understanding in relation to the cost of legal advice.

Michael Monahan Solicitor can be your safe pair of hands guiding you through the legal process We find out what you want, and tailor our legal services to meet those needs.

Covid 19

 The rapid changes in work practices due to Covid 19  over the last few months means we are communicating remotely with clients by email and video calls.

If you need to contact us about your particular issue we can facilitate Zoom calls 

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So you want to challenge a Will in 2020 ? Section 117 is the relevant law answered.

 If anybody is reading up on this particular area they will know that the relevant piece of legislation in Ireland is the Succession Act 1965 and in particular, section 117.   This section is perhaps a product of its time as it states one has to prove  “that the...

Wills Challenge? Know your facts not opinion!

This office by means of its presence on the Internet attracts numerous enquiries about possible claims against professional advisors.These can be alleging that a Will was not properly drawn up (usually a disappointed beneficiary).  It may be that a Solicitor has...


10 POINTS TO A SUCCESSFUL INJURY BOARD CLAIM. 1.Gather all the necessary Information. This is the most time consuming as you will need to have clear details to complete the Application. (Form A) You need the name address and insurance details of the other party .If...

7 things to look out for when buying your first house.

The Deposit. The rules are there for a reason. Pre-2008 the banks did not follow proper banking practice and you are stuck with the restrictive rules now imposed by the Central Bank of Ireland. Save it, store it whenever you buy a house in Ireland it always costs you...

5 Tips For Single People when buying a house with a partner

Instead of shopping for a sparkly engagement ring, today many couples in a committed relationship are in the market for something equally shiny and precious: the keys to a newly purchased home. A  Marriage and Homebuying Study found that one in four couples between...

Hate Speech Shared On Social Media To Become Criminal Offence

Under new government proposals to combat bigotry and racism, it will become a criminal offence to share hate speech on social media. The sharing of hateful speech on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook will constitute a crime, even if the sharer is not the original...

12 Things You Need To Know When Challenging a Will

12 Things You Need To Know When Challenging a Will There has been an increase in legal actions taken by persons who wish to challenge a Will . With increasing prosperity in Ireland over the past five years and an ageing population this area of law has come into its...

Top Tips for 1st time house buyers

We've been involved in buying and selling property for over 20 years. Trust trust us to provide some guidelines if you are totally new to this. In 2021 the introduction of the  Help to Buy Scheme allows those eligible to claim back tax they paid in Ireland in the last...

What Happens After Brexit for UK Citizens in Ireland


I Wanna Change Solicitor-The 7 Most Common Queries Answered

1.When the relationship has broken down and you wanna change solicitor.  Either you are not getting the response you need or you find things are just too slow and do not get an explanation as to why.  If you wish your file to be continued by another firm of solicitors...


My husband and I used Michael Monahan solicitors for conveyancing. They were always easily contacted and available as we needed them, and they have that personal touch which is both important and reassuring. 

Elizabeth G. Derby UK

Mój pierwszy kontakt upewnił mnie w przekonaniu ,że nie warto w kluczowych dla życia kwestiach pozostawiać swojego losu osobom przypadkowym.

Tomasz G. Ireland