Family Law

OceanFM-Family Law Monahan Solicitor

  President of the Sligo and County Sligo Solicitors Bar Association Michael Monahan spoke with Niall Delaney on OceanFM about the need to appoint a dedicated Family Law Judge for the North West Region in light of the large increase in cases. Just click the audio link to listen back to the interview. Have you had an…

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Cohabitation Agrement

Cohabitation Agreement – 6 Tips to keep the LOVE!

COHABITATION AGREEMENT – 6 Tips to keep the Love !    With more and more couples now deciding to move in together and cohabit before considering any question of marriage the Cohabitation Agreement has become a must for all such situations. While nobody thinks that their beloved partner will do anything but operate with the…

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Section 68


So you are engaging a Solicitor to carry out work for you on maybe a property such as a purchase,a sale or any other work that involves a cost to you, what happens? Like any transaction you like to know how much it costs- is it a fixed cost? Or will it increase due to…

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8 things you need to know about purchasing property

8 things you need to know about purchasing property.

1.I wonder when I should start looking for a mortgage to purchase a property? There are 8 things you need to know about purchasing property in Ireland. Shop around for your mortgage prior to placing any offers on a property.  Know exactly what the bank will offer to you and what deposit you should have saved/made…

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Law Society

Law Society Gets Serious.

Law Society Gets Serious. The arrival of the new logo circulated to Solicitors today marks an important step forward for solicitors in Ireland. They have provided the above logo to be displayed on registered Solicitors offices to let you the consumer know you are dealing with someone who is registered and insured when you go…

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