Wills Estates and Inheritance

Wills , Estates and Inheritance Tax

Here is a presentation on Wills , Estates and Inheritance Tax that Michael Monahan delivered with the Sligo Lend a Hand Community group recently. Listen back here The video is quite long so here are areas of interest that you can skip to for easier access. Skip to 5 mins: Executor Duties Skip to 9.30 :…

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7 Reasons to Settle Your Injuries Board Claim

7 Reasons to Settle Your Injuries Board Claim.

7 Reasons to Settle Your Injuries Board Claim Do you still suffer from pain anytime during the day or night which was not there before the injury? Will you have to take medicine for the foreseeable future? Have you been left with a disability or scar? Did the Doctors say you may need surgery in…

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Buying a House

5 Tips For Single People when buying a house with a partner

Instead of shopping for a sparkly engagement ring, today many couples in a committed relationship are in the market for something equally shiny and precious: the keys to a newly purchased home. A  Marriage and Homebuying Study found that one in four couples between the ages of 18 and 34 bought a house together before…

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Is there such a thing as balanced Mediation?

Is there such a thing as balanced Mediation? An experienced Mediator would be well used to different levels of strength between parties who seek to mediate any dispute whether  family or business or personal in nature.  Both parties in a dispute are spoken to separately and a list of their complaints and requirements are sought. …

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Where ther s a will there s a family

Where there is a Will there is a Family

The expression is sometimes heard amongst lawyers ‘ where there’s a will there’s a family’. A combination of adult children and a parent in the senior years of their life who may be in failing health and property invariably farmland are a potent combination for dispute amongst families in terms of inheritance. By way of background a…

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