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  • Case Study-Aneta

    Client was a backseat passenger in a car that was involved in a major collision.  She was brought by ambulance to the accident and emergency department.  Her complaints were injuries to her face and teeth with lacerations to her lower leg and bruising and swelling of legs.  She developed an ulcer and a skin infection on her right lower leg.  She had lower back pain and was found to have raised blood pressure. She was treated and discharged and required full time care due to her  injuries. High Court proceedings were issued and settled by the insurers without the need to go to a full hearing. Damages were assessed at €75,000.

  • Case Study-Thomas

    Client was employed in an industrial unit adjoining a larger unit where metal and synthetic rubber components were manufactured. Arising from this process ominous and noxious smells gases and fumes were allowed to enter into the workspace from the adjoining premises and client began to suffer regularly from respiratory tract infections and a general feeling of malaise.  Client was advised to remove himself from his work environment by his doctor and he continued to have respiratory problems on an ongoing basis due to inhaling gases and fumes which were damaging to his health. High Court proceedings were issued against the employer and the owners of the adjoining property. Damages were assessed at €75,000

  • Case Study- Brendan

    Client gives a history of a work place incident which occurred while he was employed by  a subcontractor installing electrical works.  One client was trying to hold cables up but  the weight of the cables from three floors down pulled against him and his arm got stuck in a spasm position and his shoulder was wrenched out of  position .  His arm was trapped and only by pulling it along cables was he able to get free.  His employers were negligent in that they did not supply someone to assist him in  this task .  The weight of the cable trapped his arm and the absence of the other person meant he was entitled to compensation. There was no training given to client of  any health and safety issues at his work. Damages were assessed at €40,000.

  • Case Study-Rachel

    Client in this case was a  child (minor) born 7th January 2004.  On 15 May 2008 client was in a buggy pushed by her grandmother. As they crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing at Main Street Longford  as they were entitled to do an oncoming car collided with them.  The buggy was thrown in the air by the impact with the child strapped inside.  While the child was protected by the frame of the buggy when it struck the road she still suffered severe injuries and trauma as a result of the collision. High Court proceedings were issued and settled before they reached a  hearing date. Damages were assessed at €85,000 .

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