Michael Monahan Solicitor in conjunction with Sligo Lend a Hand gave a presentation at a recent evening event in Sligo on Wills and the frequent issues that arise from them.

The video is quite long so here are areas of interest that you can skip to for easier access.

Skip to 5 mins: Executor Duties

Skip to 9.30 : Burial Arrangements

Skip to 14.50: Procedure for signing a Will correctly.

Skip to 22.30: Challenging a Will Section 117 application

Skip to 25.08: Executors Year

Skip to 26.20 What the Executors year entails.

Skip to 26.48 Small estates and why they can pay out early

Skip to 30.00 Tax on Estates

Skip to 34.32 Enduring Power of Attorney

Skip to 36.27 Final Tip to Save You Money!

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Guarantee your families future and security

Guarantee your families future and security

The best way to make the correct Will for you is to be informed.

1. Fill out the questionnaire
2. Consider the questions carefully
3. Apply them to your situation

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Why is it important to make a Will?

  • You can leave your property, money and other assets to people you want.
  • You can protect your unmarried partner or unregistered civil partner who could end up with nothing if you do not make a Will.
  • A Will is vital if you have children or dependants who may not be able to care for themselves. Without a Will there could be uncertainty about who will look after them or provide for them if you die.
  • You can ensure that you are tax efficient – and that you maximise the assets that are passed to your family and friends.
  • You can express other wishes such as organ donation or funeral and burial arrangements.
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  • Tax Changes Mean Smaller Exemptions Allowed
  • Different Family Structures Mean Tax Planning is Vital
  • “No Will” Means Your Wishes Will Not Be Followed Accurately
  • Pass your Property on Without Stress and Disagreements
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Make your Will with Confidence and Knowledge

Wills and Estate Management FAQ

Why do I need to make a will?
If you don’t leave clear instruction as to what is to be done with your affairs the Succession Act 1965 provisions will decide what is to be done . This may not be what you intend. You should always have a will completed during your lifetime representing your interest at that time and amended if some major change of life occurs to you or members of your family. The taxation of estates changes constantly so this is another reason to have your affairs in order and minimise tax payment for those who you wish to benefit.
Can I leave everything to my spouse and let them decide what needs to be done after their time?
Yes as possible to make a simple will leaving all to your spouse. Bear in mind it must have carried out in a particular format or else it will fail. It requires someone known as an Executor to carry out your wishes.Two people to see you signing and they cannot benefit from the will. Most importantly it must be carried out by you in good health to show that you knew what you were doing.
Can I challenge the will of a member of our family if I was promised something and the will made no provision for me?
This is a complex area and requires legal advice about your particular situation. If you are a child of the person making the will you have no automatic right to any benefit. That is always difficult to explain to children who are usually adults by the time the parent dies. The surviving spouse has a legal right share to a certain portion of the estate. Children have none unless there were particular circumstances that they were either promised benefit or were not treated equally with other members of their family.

Again legal advice is needed on this particular complex area.