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Employment Law Solicitors Ireland

Are you familiar with all the legislation? There are 30 Acts and Statutory Instruments at last count that affect employment in Ireland.

Both Companies and team members are bound by employment laws which are created to promote equality and fairness in the work environment. The application of these laws, however, can be difficult, especially in areas of conflict.

We have a wealth of experience in employment law, including non-contentious matters such as employment contracts, company handbooks and health and safety statements as well as representing both employers and employees at the Workplace Relations Commission.

Employment law can be extremely complicated with substantial legislation governing different areas consisting of the Unfair Dismissals Acts, Health and Safety Acts, the Redundancy Payments Acts and Data Protection Acts.

Michael Monahan Solicitors, Sligo will assist both employers and staff members comprehend and protect their legal employment rights and where necessary, our solicitors will represent you in the Workplace Relations Commission.

If you require legal advice on workplace bullying, unfair dismissal or redundancy or if you require legal representation at the Workplace Relations Commission you can consult with Michael Monahan Solicitors.

Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination has ended up being a significant issue in society today and especially in the work place where you discover that you might be a victim of sex, age, religious, disability discrimination or perhaps retaliation for refusing to act for the business in an incorrect or unlawful way.

We will evaluate your complaint and offer legal advice on the practicality of pursuing a claim through the appropriate tribunal or Labour Court.

We have many years experience with employment law issues and can represent you for

  • Rights Commissioner Hearings
  • Employment Tribunals
  • Internal Company Hearings
  • Unfair Dismissal Claims.
  • Injury in the Workplace Claims.
  • Workplace Bullying Claims.
  • Claims for Workplace Discrimination

Non-contentious Employment Law Matters

In non-contentious matters, Michael Monahan Solicitors Sligo can advise you on all employment law matters, including:

  • Employment Contracts.
  • Working Hours.
  • Data Protection.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave.

We can also create any necessary employment law documents such as employment contracts, health and safety documents, privacy policies and Internet policies.

Contact Michael Monahan Solicitors now in Sligo or contact us online to arrange your employment law consultation.

47 John Street, Sligo CALL US ON 071 912 9070