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7 things to look out for when buying your first house.

7 things to look out for when buying your first house. The Deposit. The rules are there for a reason. Pre-2008 the banks did not follow proper banking practice and you are stuck with the restrictive rules now imposed by the Central Bank of Ireland. Save it, store it whenever you buy a house in…

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7 things to remember if you want to update your Will.

2 executors are better than one so consider adding another person if your older Will has just one. They can always opt out and leave the other person to sign the application and gather the assets. In these times even appointing younger persons sometimes can mean that person does not outlive you. Be specific as…

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power of attorney


Whether you have only recently decided to investigate Powers of Attorney either for yourself or for your loved ones there is something you should know in relation to the completion of the forms if you choose to do this yourself. The Enduring Power of Attorney is in two stages.   First when someone is able…

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No doubt you will see a change in the procedures now going forward.  Up to this in relation to drafting of a Will I would meet the client, shake their hand and complete a checklist to take down their instructions (see this checklist in our Wills section on our Website.  Feel free to use it…

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So as Covid-19 continues to dominate our headlines I thought I should do an update on how this affects your situation in relation to Wills and Will drafting.  No matter what age you are ,you are concerned that you could be a victim.  The daily death numbers, the loss to families, the disruption to lives. …

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If you want to make a gift to someone before you die, and they’re a beneficiary under your Will, make it clear whether the gift is in addition to, or on account of the gift in your Will, to avoid rows later!

Substantial gifts from a father to his daughters shortly before his death were not to be treated as payments on account of their entitlement under his Will, but as separate and additional gifts, a court has decided. A father made a Will leaving a third of his estate to each of his two daughters and…

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Steps Employers Should Consider To Safeguard Workers Against The Coronavirus

Employers are reviewing steps they may need to take because of the Coronavirus, given their legal duty to safeguard the health and safety of employees whilst at work. Relevant steps for an employer to take could include: Carrying out a risk assessment and, depending on the results, taking measures to avoid, prevent or delay work-related…

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New Divorce Law passed by Minister

It marks the biggest change in this area of law since divorce first became legal in the 90s Changes  On Sunday, 1 December, the Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, commenced parts 1 and 2 of the Family Law Act 2019. It marks the biggest change in this area of law since divorce first became legal…

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Section 117

So you want to challenge a Will in 2020 ? Section 117 is the relevant law answered.

 If anybody is reading up on this particular area they will know that the relevant piece of legislation in Ireland is the Succession Act 1965 and in particular, section 117.   This section is perhaps a product of its time as it states one has to prove  “that the parent failed in their moral duty” to…

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Sunday Work

High Court rules on Sunday work and pay requirements

Employees’ claim  Two employees have taken their employer to the Workplace Relations Commission claiming that they should have been paid more for Sunday work. The employees were paid a flat hourly rate of €9.53, including for Sunday work, which was in excess of minimum wage at the time. The employees’ contracts stated that their hourly…

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