7 Reasons to Settle Your Injuries Board Claim

  • Do you still suffer from pain anytime during the day or night which was not there before the injury?
  • Will you have to take medicine for the foreseeable future?
  • Have you been left with a disability or scar?
  • Did the Doctors say you may need surgery in the future?
  • Does standing or sitting for any length of time cause you pain?
  • Has housework/maintaining your home become a problem and have you had to employ help?
  • Do you feel yourself that your injury will not improve and has stabilised as it is now?

If you have answered YES to these you have on-going problems which need to be assessed and you need to be compensated for.

It might be worth noting that the Injuries Board like to deal with claims as quickly and cheaply as possible and this in fact may not be in your best interest as the injured party.

The Book of Quantum provided by the Injury Board is just a guide. It is difficult for an injured party lodging their own claim to know what is the value of an injury.

Only an experienced solicitor or barrister that deal with injury claims every day can assess the level of injury and your rate of recovery. They can give you an accurate valuation of what it is worth. This is the big problem with people lodging their own claim. They simply do not know if they are getting the value of the claim. They are in a system set up by Insurance Companies financed by Insurance Companies and run essentially by ex-insurance employees.

In difficult financial times for the Insurers how can the inexperienced injured party know they are getting a fair deal?

As always if you have any issues with YOUR compensation claim we would like to hear from you and clarify your concerns.

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