I Won’t Be My Ex-Wifes Cash Machine For Life!

In family law matters we always look in this country at what happens across the water in the UK in relation to developments in family law. There was a recent case in England where a husband had a sixteen year battle with his ex-wife as he felt he was chained to a settlement that he…

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Personal Injury

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€75k damages for schoolboy who lost part of finger in metal chair


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Catastrophic Injury

Family awarded €650k after death of mother in caesarean birth

The family of a woman who died hours after undergoing an emergency caesarean section have settled their action for nervous shock against the maternity hospital. The High Court heard that the woman, aged 31, had undergone an emergency caesarean while in labour with her son but had died on the operating table within three hours…

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power of attorney

Enduring Power of Attorney and the HSE , Prime Time 2018

Enduring Power of Attorney, HSE , Prime Time Listen in to Michael Monahan discuss the issue of Enduring Power of Attorney with Niall Delaney OceanFM  Many people in Ireland are worried about ways to handle their cash, home, and financial affairs as they get older or if they become ill. They might be concerned over…

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DIY Legal Advice

Landlord and Tenants Potent Mix

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Calling all employers to take note of ruling

Legal ruling reminds employers that they must find out why employees have rejected any alternative job offers in potential redundancy before refusing to pay them redundancy money

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10 second

The ten-second rule – preventing the affair!

Occasionally in our dealings with other family law Solicitors we come across articles which we feel should be forwarded to our own website and client base. As they used to say on the radio show this problem may not be yours today but some day it might and I think it outlines difficulties married couples…

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“Rape Myths”-Bring the Jury Back to Reality

New guidelines should be issued to judges on how to warn juries against prejudicial stereotypes of rape complainants. That’s according to one leading expert and author who has said that Ireland should follow the examples of the UK and Northern Ireland by allowing judges to advise juries about the so-called ‘rape myths’ which can cause…

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Tini Owens divorce

Divorce – Ireland 1-v- England 0

Why you might be better off applying for a divorce in Ireland even if you live in England. We were often told in the past that we are not a modern liberal society in our marriage and divorce laws .On examination of the law in our neighbouring island shows it is actually more restrictive than our…

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