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Family Law Solicitors

At the start of a separation the whole situation looks hopeless. You have this awful mess. You are pretty much on your own. You and your partner cannot agree and there does not seem to be a solution

We have dealt with access issues, separations and divorces from the start of the Judicial Separation Act 1989 and we are in the Circuit and High Courts on a regular basis on behalf of our clients

Do I need a Family Law Solicitor?

If you are considering separation or divorce, you will most likely require a lawyer. Even if you are trying to set up a separation arrangement between you and your partner, each of you will still require legal advice from an experienced Family Law Solicitor, someone you trust needs to go over the information making sure that you are both protected and that the separation arrangement is legally sound.

Our Family Law Solicitors have considerable experience of in all aspects of Family Law including.

  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Child Custody
  • Child Visitation Rights
  • Care proceedings
  • Separation agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Domestic violence
  • Adoption

Michael Monahan Solicitors' Family Law team is based in Sligo and handles Divorce and Family Law cases throughout Ireland via our offices in Dublin near the Four Courts. Being a nation wide Irish Law Firm we have access to a wealth of resources including specialists in every aspect of Family Law.

Our divorce and family law solicitors can advise on all legal elements of family relationships. Whether you are beginning a brand-new relationship or ending your relationship with your current partner, we are trustworthy and efficient.

We can offer you suggestions on the legal things to think about when starting out on a new relationship such as a co-ownership agreement. If you are considering getting married or planning to have children..

Michael Monahan Solicitor Sligo are a friendly team of expert family solicitors who will take care of the legal elements of divorce and relationship breakdown.

We will provide you with all the guidance and assistance you need to reach an agreement with your partner or apply to the courts for a judgement where settlement and contract is not possible.

We have a proven track record for not just for offering expert and proactive family law advice and legal services, but also for acquiring outstanding outcomes for our customers.

Separation Agreements

What is a separation agreement and how will it help me?

A separation agreement sets out the important things agreed between you and your partner so that both of you agree on your duties and obligations. If you choose to divorce at a later date, this arrangement would, under normal situations, form the basis of the settlement in the divorce. This is why expert legal guidance is so essential.

For Family Law legal advice or to talk to a Family Solicitor call 07191 29070 or contact us online.

Divorce Solicitors

If you are thinking about divorce in Ireland we would recommend that you seek independent legal advice from a qualified Divorce Solicitor as soon as you can. We see lots of customers who have sought advice from friends who give them advices with is often incorrect.

Before a divorce can be granted in Ireland the following conditions must be met:

There cannot be any reasonable possibility of reconciliation between both people.

You and your partner need to have been living separately for a period amounting to four from the previous five years prior to the Application for divorce is filed.

For family law legal advice or to talk to a Divorce Solicitor call 071 912 9070 or contact us online.

Child Custody / Residence

Child residence is often described as child custody. The most important part of any Divorce or separation proceeding is that any child involved in separation or divorce proceedings has a safe, secure home to live in.

Usually the children will live mainly with one parent and the other will have visitation rights at regular, pre-arranged times. Our Family Law Solicitors can assist you in negotiating these plans.

Sometimes it might be possible for both parents to have shared custody of their children. For shared custody to work it needs to be possible for the children to move frequently between houses without it being disruptive or disturbing to them.

We also specialise in acting for children and family members in other disputes i.e. where parents are separated and there are problems in facilitating contact or a disagreement regarding where the children should live

For Family Law legal advice or to talk to a Family Law Solicitor call 071 912 9070 or contact us online.

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