At present in early 2011 there seems to be no legal requirement that the injured party goes to any doctor appointed by an Insurance Company for examination. It follows that an injured party in applying for compensation supplies an initial report with the application form. This is forwarded to the insurance company for the Defendant and they have 90 days to see if they would agree to an assessment of this case. An assessment is an agreement that their insured is in the wrong and they will agree to compensate the injured party for their loss. Some insurance companies will arrange for their own medical and put that into the Injuries Board system to give their views on the injury. If the injured party does not go to the medical then the only assessment by the Injuries Board can be made on the injured party’s medicals.

The Injuries Board do not seem to have power themselves to arrange examination of the injured party. They can only assess the case within the time limit laid out based on the medicals which they have. They may in some cases only have those medicals provided by the Injured Party.