No. Sometimes a medical report will not be as favorable or as accurate as the injured party would like. There is no obligation for them to forward their Report . Remember someone will assess the level of compensation payable based on the Medical Reports . They will never meet the injured party so the doctors opinion is all important in estimating the level of compensation. If you go on to court proceedings you are required to disclose all your Reports to the Insurance company.

There have been cases where injured parties knowing at all stages their claim would go to the High Court.They collect a number of medical reports but only forward the most basic one for the Injuries Board. No matter what the assessment of the Injuries Board is they have no intention of accepting it . While the assessment is awaited on the basis of that medical report the injured party has been obtaining more specialised reports. This allows High Court proceedings to be issued and driven forward at a more rapid pace. One of the main delays in dealing with claims is getting appointments with the appropriate specialists. The insurance company cannot get sufficient medical evidence on the injuries in time before the matter is listed for trial. Pressure like this forces insurance companies to settle cases rather than continue them into a full hearing relying on the Injured Parties own medical reports .