You don’t – this is the fundamental flaw in the system of the Injuries Board. The injured party is referred to a Book of Quantum which dates from 2004. It only gives general guidelines in relation to injuries. For example neck injuries are valued in four different categories between €14,000 and €45,000 – how do you know which one is for you?

This is where an experienced legal adviser comes into their own. By dealing with claims on a daily basis they can value what the Court would put on your case if it goes to a hearing. They know the cases they have settled already successfully for clients to date and what value they had. On the one side, the insurance companies or the Injuries Board have vast databases to back up the value of the offer they make. On the other hand the injured party has no information apart from guidelines in the Book of Quantum which are too general to be of value. For example, eyes are not covered at all in the Book of Quantum so if you seek valuations on eye injuries the Injuries Board leaves you without any guidance/advice.