The following are the main steps along the way.

a. Get Medical Report on Injury

b. Fill in Application Form having gathered the correct legal names of the Defendants and the time and date of the accident/incident.

c. Send off Application form completed to Injuries Board within two years of accident by Registered Post enclosing €45 fee and medical report.

d. Receive confirmation from Injuries Board that your Application has been received and validly accepted – this stops time running on the time you have to claim.

e. Await confirmation that the Defendant consents to the Injury Board dealing with the Claim. This is vital as the Board will not process any information until they have this consent. The Insurance Companies have 90 days to do this.

f. Consider obtaining up to date medicals and forwarding to the Injuries Board

g. Gather vouchers for all kinds of special damages to include hospital charges, medical treatment, car damage, loss of earnings, travel and expenses. All claims need vouchers to be accepted. Complete and return the special damages form supplied by Injuries Board and return .

h. Consider whether your injury has stabilised enough to accept settlement at the time of arrival of Assessment Letter.

i. If ongoing problems persist consider rejecting the offer and going ahead to issue Court proceedings. The 2010 Annual Report gave average completion time as 9 months .