While the salesman for the Golden Pages pursues me to sign up for a full page ad (rates seem to get lower each year) I marvel how much video has improved my selling/legal marketing.

Up to 2 years ago we had websites but they were static….some firms still have those especially with © 2007/2008 on them. Now Video is where it’s at. Using Youtube and Vimeo – (the insiders favourite) – you can say your piece on your site. If you have no site and no knowledge look at the “Word Press” website and follow the steps and….vóila… your site is yours to play with. Now when you go onto “add video” you get 2 advantages:

  1. It drives you up Google Rankings.

Basically if you are not “above the fold”, that is what you see when the page opens – you are nowhere. Nobody scrolls down to find you at No. 34!

  1. Potential clients get to see you.

People buy People: You may wait to give information on your subject – Lawyers can no longer be “The Gatekeeper” of information from clients and expect to profit from supply of basic information…. it’s online. What potential clients want is free content; Lawyers role now is to advise how that information applies to that persons particular circumstances.

Remember the Law of Reciprocation:

If you give something for  FREE people will want to do something for you in return.

Anyway back to Video:

Smartphones have high definition (HD) video in them. Use it, download it and post it on your site.

Just shoot it and put it up, too polished a performance looks “stagey” and false. Just talk and keep it to 30 seconds- 1 minute, we glaze over after that. – Try to smile…I’m still working on mine!

Even the phone manufacturers are surprised how fast we are taking to the mobile phone for use of information location.

Anyway lawyers like to put themselves about – video is just the newer way of doing this!

Enjoy !

Michael M.