So what Legal fee can I expect to pay for someone to run my Injuries Board claim for me?Lawyers sell time and expertise and some legal bills can be based solely on time spent on the case. As with all legal work an estimate of likely fees has to be given to the injured party as soon as practicable once the case starts. As the Injuries Board aims to issue a settlement offer within twelve months of lodging of the claim it is possible to quantify the time spent on the case. You also pay for the cost of expert advice which you receive whether the offer is at market rate or not. You should try to get good value in whatever your legal adviser charges you. The basis of legal costs is laid out in the High Court Rules on which time taken on the case is only one factor .

Firms vary depending on their cost structures but between €1250 and €2500 would seem to represent fair level of fees, to which VAT must be added. The Injuries Board makes provision for payment of contribution to costs where children’s cases, fatal injuries and tracing uninsured motorists are concerned.

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