1 Simple Way To Increase Your Childs Compensation Claim

You know that all claims at this stage must enter into the Injuries Board system to be assessed before any possibility of taking a court action is involved.  The Injuries Board will continue with the claim provided there is no dispute as to how the accident happened to the child.  The Injuries Board system although it can recommend a figure this figure is subject to being assessed by a Judge of the District/Circuit Court in lower claims and the High Court in higher claims depending on the amount of the compensation.

What normally happens is when an award amount issues an application must be made to the Court.  Again the Injuries Board give no guidance on this and it is usually lodged by a solicitor on behalf of somebody.

At this stage the insurance company lose some control over the claim as a Judge can decide the amount offered is not sufficient given the child’s injuries.  A Judge may say to go back to the insurance company and seek a higher figure.  At this stage the insurance company are very much exposed to the opinions of the Judge and if he or she suggests a higher figure the insurance company has no option but to pay that.

Sometimes it can be sufficient to phone the insurance company and suggest the original offer made by the Injuries Board is not sufficient and suggest a higher amount.  This may be accepted by the insurance company and presto you have increased the size of your child’s compensation in an amount above the Injuries Board award by a simple phone call.

The Injuries Board have nothing on their website to indicate this is possible and again this is where expert help and advice is needed lodging any claim.

The money when finally ruled by a Court is lodged until the child is aged 18 but be warned under the present rules the sums under €20,000.00 are simply lodged in a cash account which will grow very little given the low level of interest payable on monies these days.

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