1.Gather all the necessary Information.

This is the most time consuming as you will need to have clear details to complete the Application. (Form A) You need the name address and insurance details of the other party .If there is a different driver and owner both will have to be listed with addresses.

2. Fill out the Application Form .

   You are asked to give a brief outline of how the accident happened. At this stage give less information rather than more as the insurance company may not have decided who is to blame. Your description may provide a defence for the other side.

3. Get your Medical Report from the best available source.

  You may have attended your GP about your injuries but if you have a continuing injury you should go and see a Consultant . Remember the Injuries  Board  will usually  only pay for one medical report so make sure it is a good one.

4. Make sure the Injuries Board receive your Form A.

  You have 2 years to claim so they must receive and acknowledge to you that they have got it. Send by Registered Post to be sure . Enclose the €45 fee and a copy of your medical report . From 2020 on with the Covid situation they want all lodged online and they reply to you online .

5. Acceptance by the Insurance Company or Defendants.

 They will receive the information you send from the Injuries Board . They have 90 days to decide to investigate themselves or let the claim go to assessment with the Board.

6. Get vouchers for all the items that cost you money.

 The golden rule is that you will not recover what you cannot produce a voucher for. They may  not pay for a follow up medical report which you should get before you look at accepting the assessment.

7. Medical Assessment by the Injuries Board or the Insurance Company.

 On the plus side ,you get another doctor giving his opinion on how you will recover. On the minus side they generally send you to a doctor that Insurance Companies use anyway and may have a reputation for downplaying any medical complaints.

8.Submit your own updated Medical Reports to Injury Board.

Even though you will have to pay the cost of them the more reports you send in the more accurate the Assessment of your injuries will be.

9. What to do when you are waiting for an Assessment to issue ?

  Make sure you have sent in vouchers for all your out of pocket expenses. You will get a Special Damages Sheet to update what( if any) extra expenses you have incurred since the start of the claim.

 Ask yourself if your injury has healed enough to allow you consider an offer.

 Be aware the Insurance  companies will try to settle with you direct but you have no knowledge of what the value of your case is. Best wait and let the Injury Board issue an Assessment.

10. Consider very carefully an Assessment offer when you receive it.

It will give you a breakdown showing what they say your injury is worth and what refund  you get for your out of pocket expenses. You have 28 days to accept or reject the offer.

If you go on to Court  Proceedings you must be awarded more than your assessment or you will suffer a costs penalty.

If this all sounds too much for you to handle while you’re recovering from your injuries Call us  or email us now and we’ll handle the entire process for you from beginning to you getting your deserved compensation.

We wrote the book Injury Board Claims Made Simple so we are experienced in this area since the set up of the Injuries Board .

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