10 Years and 10 Good Reasons to use a Solicitor?

“After 10 years in operation the Injuries Board state the vast majority of injured people use a solicitor to process a claim”. Patricia Byron

Nice to see a sense of reality dawning on Byron who is the boss of the Injuries Board.

After 10 years they still don’t realise or accept that dealing with injury claims is a complex situation.  Innocent people find themselves injured by another party, business or employer.  They are asked to attend doctors who are not their own doctors. They are left to make a recovery of any lost earnings if they are out of work and they have extra bills which they are not advised as to who is going to pay them.  All this means that they need expert help while they are recovering from their injury.

We all agree that you are not at your best when you are recovering from an injury or when you are sick so how can process your own claim and get on with your recovery as well?

If the Insurance Company don’t accept that you are injured at all then you have a fight on your hands and what then ?  The Injuries Board will have nothing to do with you if there is a dispute about your injuries.

You can cut your own hair but we usually get someone that does it right all the time – dealing with an injury is more serious so best to get someone who is an expert. The Injuries Board is fine if it is a very straight forward matter but nothing is straight forward when you are injured.

Injury Board people need to make a living too so they have statistics to show they are doing a great job and like all statistics you usually can get the figures  to prove what you want them  to prove.

Finally we don’t hear about all the claims between 15-18,000 in total  that are settled between Insurance Companies and solicitors for injured people either during or after the Injuries Board claim is lodged.

What does this tell us either (a) people don’t trust the Injuries Board anonymous assessment process or they can simply get a better deal by going to the insurance company.

Do you think you can negotiate this on your own?  Unlikely.

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