medical misadventure

€5million damages for boy after alleged skull fracture at birth

A nine-year-old boy who allegedly suffered a fractured skull during his birth and was left with cerebral palsy has settled his claim against the HSE for €5million at the High Court. The boy, from the south of the country, sued the HSE through his mother for medical negligence over the circumstances of his birth in…

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Employee references that omit answers and explanations can mean the employer lands in legal hot water

Employers should ensure that references they give which go beyond the basics, are true, accurate and fair and that omitting answers or failing to provide an explanation of information given is not misleading, or risk employment law (and other) claims. In one case an employee of 8 years’ standing was made redundant. While employed he…

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Case Settled by Ex-Soldier Over Controversial Anti-Malaria Drug

An ex-soldier who retired from the Irish Defence Forces in 2013 has settled damages against the State, claiming several health issues as a result of being prescribed the controversial anti-malarial drug mefloquine hydrochloride, more commonly referred to as Lariam. The complainant was prescribed the drug while in Africa on various UN peacekeeping missions between 2001…

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workplace accident

24K damages for woman who tripped in the workplace.

A woman in her late 20s has been awarded over €24,000 in damages after tripping over a box in the shop in which she worked. The woman’s barrister told the Circuit Court that she had injured her shoulders and back while working in 2015. It was the woman’s case that the stockroom in the clothes…

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Tragic Death

Family Sues after Mothers tragic death

The family of a woman who died from a heart attack hours after presenting at her GP with cardiac-like symptoms have settled a High Court action against the GP for €750,000. The High Court heard that the mother-of-three, who was from the north-west of the country and aged 42 at the time of her death…

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swine flu

Swine Flue Vaccine Controversy

A startling report by a national newspaper has revealed a 20% surge in the number of patients presenting with symptoms of narcolepsy after being administered the influenza vaccine known as Pandemrix.Thousands of children and adolescents in Ireland had received a single dose of the vaccine during the swine flu pandemic from 2009 to 2010, but…

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Cyber Bullying

Coco’s Law hopes to modernise Cyber Bullying

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Wills Challenge


BEFORE YOU DECIDE YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE A WILL – PLEASE READ THIS Our office has developed a reputation for taking cases in relation to Will challenges concerning either members of the family or near relations who feel they have been disappointed as a result of being omitted from the Deceased’s Will. We see a…

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Confidential info at risk

Is Your Confidential Info at Risk?

Confidential information is the very lifeblood of many businesses and, if it is removed without authority by untrustworthy employees, it can be very hard to retrieve. As one case showed, however, judges have a range of emergency powers that can be used to ensure that the trail does not go cold. A food wholesaling company…

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What happens if I am left out of a Will by my parents?

We get enquiries constantly from disappointed beneficiaries in particular adult children where they find that a parent has benefited other children or other parties outside the family to the detriment of a child of the marriage.  There can be a number of reasons for this.   Firstly, the parent may have already given property or assets…

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