Increased Property Choices: With the selling season in full swing, there are now more property options available to buyers in Sligo County, enhanced by the favourable sunshine.

-Online Property Listings: Websites such as and showcase a wide selection of properties currently on the market.

– New Housing Developments
The Dartry in Caltragh: This development is located on one side of Sligo.
– Tonaphubble Woods: Situated near the Racecourse in the Tonaphubble area.
– Eden Hill: A smaller development located off Pearse Road.
The Tannery on Cairns Hill:  The largest development with 74 houses, offering a variety of property types to suit different tastes and budgets. The showhouse is expected to be available for viewing in Autumn 2024.

– Post-Covid Appeal: Sligo has become an attractive destination, combining the benefits of remote working and improved road access. More people are discovering its appeal.

– Quality of Life:
– Family-Friendly: Sligo is known for its scenic beauty, excellent schools, and easy access to all necessary facilities.
– Cultural Scene: The town has a rich musical tradition with numerous performances at the local theatre.

– Opportunity for Buyers:
– First-Time Buyers: A wide range of properties are available for those entering the housing market.
– Downsizers: There are great options for those looking to move from a larger property to a smaller one.

– Assistance Available: For help with organising your purchase or sale, please contact us via phone or a Zoom call through our website: