Drafting a Co-Habitation Agreement ..we can help you both

Moving in together?

Are you protected if it goes wrong?

Look, we all hope for the best when we find the “right one”.

You want to save money so you move in to rent one property only. Maybe you are lucky and one of you already has a property and you want to share the expenses in that property.

You need guidelines on the areas to be agreed on.

Here are 18 headings for your agreement.

We can help you draft the Cohabitation Agreement. We list below the headings you need to discuss.

  1. Do you want to include/exclude the provisions of the Civil Partnership and certain rights and obligations of the Cohabitants Act 2010
  2. Date the relationship started.
  3. Confirm you both wish to enter an agreement.
  4. Confirm intention is to settle financial arrangements.
  5. List the property(s) each have (if any).
  6. Confirm what property is to stay in whose name.
  7. Separate income?
  8. Independent legal advice to be obtained.
  9. Confirm no undue influence/coercion to sign it.
  10. Confirm it is to bind both parties.
  11. Confirm all assets/liabilities are disclosed.
  12. Confirm both live in Ireland, Irish law applies, mediation if any dispute arises to be agreed.
  13. Confirm it is confidential to each and their advisors.
  14. Confirm if any inheritances/gift belonging to the party who gets them.
  15. Any works on the other’s property will not entitle to claim on property.
  16. Anything bought jointly to be given to who?
  17. Provisions for moving out in the event of break up.
  18. Costs to be met jointly for legal advice.

The above are simply headings that need discussion before you consult us in relation to drawing up the actual Cohabitation Agreement. Some time spent on this at the start of a relationship can be well worth the time if there is a breakdown at some future stage.

It is up to you to decide what is in your best interest.

As Always Contact Us if you wish to discuss any of the above information