2016-Know Your Rights As An Employee.

Whether you had difficulties at the office party over Christmas or have a feeling that your employment is under threat there are certain things you should know to protect yourself as an employee.

From the start there must be what are called “fair procedures”

  • This means no instant dismissal. 
  • You must be given a chance to explain any conduct. 
  • You can be represented at any meeting concerning your work. 
  • You have to get copies of any documents that involve you whether these are complaint documents or any investigation files.
  • You have the right to appeal from a decision to someone outside your employer company.
  • If a Displinary procedure is outlined in the Employee Handbook (if you have one ) it must be followed.  There can be no “making it up” as they go along.
  •  Remember there are a number of categories of  protected employees the most common one is where someone is pregnant.  No complaint or disiplinary action can be made against a pregnant employee and any attempt to make the daily work difficult for such an employee trying to get them to leave the company will be dealt with more severely by any tribunal hearing.

Finally if you find your working longer hours as the business is beginning to improve ,watch to see you’re not been asked to do extra work and responsibilities without some additional compensation. 

There are provisions in Organisation of Working Time which outline what are the maximum hours an employee can work.

 Michael M.