Is there such a thing as balanced Mediation?

An experienced Mediator would be well used to different levels of strength between parties who seek to mediate any dispute whether  family or business or personal in nature.  Both parties in a dispute are spoken to separately and a list of their complaints and requirements are sought.  Joint meetings can be kept to a minimum.

The main purpose of mediation is that both parties are in a private and confidential way able to put their case to which the mediator tries to find common ground between the issues and bearing in mind the parties do not want to go to another venue to sort out their issues, the mediator will work on both parties to come to a common agreement.

If an agreement is reached between two parties listing all the terms concerning their marriage such as finance, children, property, inheritance rights and is signed by both parties but it is not binding until both of them have taken independent legal advice on the agreement.  Sometimes on taking legal advice one person may change their mind.

Your agreement if negotiated is subject to taking independent legal advice on what’s in the agreement .You sign nothing until that is agreed and received.

In summary the mediator will not allow one party dominate the proceedings at the expense of the other.  It is something they are well trained to deal with.

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