Law Society Gets Serious.

The arrival of the new logo circulated to Solicitors today marks an important step forward for solicitors in Ireland. They have provided the above logo to be displayed on registered Solicitors offices to let you the consumer know you are dealing with someone who is registered and insured when you go to seek legal advice.

What has happened in the past few years is various organisations / websites /experts have set themselves up as providing “Expert” advice.

Employment law and injury claims seem to be the area they are concentrating on with the advent of internet access you can get opinions and advice freely. However are you getting the correct and appropriate advice ? The wrong advice can be disastrous and cost you money or loss of property. None of these advisers are insured to back up the service they provide so why would anybody go to them? Choosing an uninsured option rather than one which has guaranteed insurance cover.

In property and purchase sales there have been suggestions that licensed conveyancers should be allowed operate however there is no public demand for this as government and banks realise that it is a complex transaction and qualified insured solicitors are the best to handle this procedure.

This is the first step in the Law Society consideration of allowing solicitors to promote themselves as specialist in a particular area of law.The first stage is to separate the qualified and insured advisors from those who have jumped on the band wagon given the needs of the individual in modern Irish society.

For too long solicitors have been on the receiving end of complaints some of these are justified, the majority are not. When solicitors have professional qualifications and are trained to a high standard you can expect expert advice.

Why take unnecessary risks by employing unqualified people to deal with your problem ?

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