While there is no legal requirement for you to use a solicitor when making a claim to the Personal Injuries Board (PIB), it has been proven that when complainants employ the services of a solicitor in such cases, the amount of compensation received is greater than when they decide to go it alone.

In addition to the amount of compensation received, the assistance provided by a solicitor will help to ensure an overall easier process and the provision of expert advice when submitting a claim to the PIB.

Below, we have outlined 5 important reasons as to why you should speak to a solicitor when making a PIB claim.

1. Correctly Determining the Respondents

Often times when making a claim, you will be making it against more than one respondent (e.g. a business, company etc.). It is therefore important that you list the names of all respondents in order to ensure that the application form to the PIB is filled out correctly. Your solicitor will know exactly who to list as a respondent on the form, alongside the finer details of such information, enabling the process to proceed smoothly and with minimal delay.

2. Acquiring Sufficient Documentation

As there is no oral hearing involved when submitting a claim to the PIB, it is crucial that you acquire the appropriate paperwork from a medical professional detailing the extent of your injuries prior to submitting your claim. As an expert in personal injury cases, your solicitor will know what paperwork to obtain and the relevant information that it should contain for the purposes of your application.

3. Understanding the Assessment of Damages

Upon receiving an assessment of damages from the PIB, you may be unsure as to whether the prospective amount is fair given the extent of your injury and how it has affected your life. In determining whether to accept or reject the assessment of damages, your solicitor will have prior experience with such decisions and be able to offer you advice on whether the proposed amount is reasonable.

4. Rejecting an Assessment

Should you decide that the initial assessment of damages is unreasonable and you wish to reject it, your solicitor can aide with you with the process of a rejected assessment. At this stage, will then have to decide whether or not you wish to pursue your case via the courts system, during which time your solicitor will issue court proceedings on your behalf and guide you through the process.

5. Eliminating Stress

As with any case involving a personal injury, the courts, or the law in general, it can be a stressful and confusing time for individuals and their families as they pursue a resolution to their issue through legal means.

By employing the services of a qualified solicitor when making an application to the PIB, having someone who is an experienced professional on your side will not only help with the end result, but also in helping to ensure minimal stress throughout the complicated process as you seek the appropriate compensation for your injury.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.*