Here is a presentation on Wills , Estates and Inheritance Tax that Michael Monahan delivered with the Sligo Lend a Hand Community group recently.

Listen back here

The video is quite long so here are areas of interest that you can skip to for easier access.

Skip to 5 mins: Executor Duties

Skip to 9.30 : Burial Arrangements

Skip to 14.50: Procedure for signing a Will correctly.

Skip to 22.30: Challenging a Will Section 117 application

Skip to 25.08: Executors Year

Skip to 26.20 What the Executors year entails.

Skip to 26.48 Small estates and why they can pay out early

Skip to 30.00 Tax on Estates

Skip to 34.32 Enduring Power of Attorney

Skip to 36.27 Final Tip to Save You Money!

Thanks for Listening and as always get in touch if you need to chat!