1. You must give an accurate list of your assets when making an application.  All Bank statements must be produced.  If you “omit” any accounts for the purpose of application after you have passed away Revenue will get all the details of your finances from the details lodged for your Probate and pass it onto the HSE section dealing with Fair Deal payments.  

They can/will  reassess your affairs and clawback funds from your Estate.  

2. If you insist on reducing your assets before you make the application do it 5 years before you apply as there is a five-year clawback.  This is to ensure you do not give away what is yours to get more of a subsidy for your care.  

3. You can sell your house while you are in the care home and you will not be penalised.

In plain English when you get the proceeds of sale of your house this does not raise   a reassessment of your assets.  

Previous to 2021 you were reassessed when you got a cash payment and had to pay more for your care.  

4.  After your time your Estate has to get clearance before any payments can be made to beneficiaries. This can be a delay in finishing up the affairs. The matter is dealt with by a Tullamore based office of the HSE and remember they already have the details from Revenue about the Estate .  

5. In summary if you have sufficient savings it may be better to simply pay for your nursing care and exhaust your funds before any application for Fair Deal is considered.  

These days care homes may well prioritise access by cash clients in a time of shortage of facilities.  

If there is any issue which concerns you arising out of this note let us know if we can help.