What Happens After Brexit for UK Citizens in Ireland

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public services card

The Public Service Card: what’s all the fuss about?

What is the card?  The Public Service Card was rolled out by the government in 2011 and it is designed to allow you to easily access public services such as social welfare payments, passports, student grants and driver licences. The card has a photograph, name and personal service number on it. It contains a chip…

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Motorist Admits Assaulting Cyclist Who Held Up Middle Finger to Him

A motorist has admitted in court to assaulting a cyclist in November 2018 by pulling off his backpack as he was riding, but argued that it was in response to the cyclist giving him the middle finger. Ordered to pay the injured man the sum of €500 compensation, Judge Con O’Leary also stated that the…

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Government Aware of Adverse Effects Prior to Swine Flu Vaccine Roll-Out

Despite the findings of scientific and medical evidence, GSK and the State continue to deny liability, even going so far as to refute causality between the vaccine and an increase in narcolepsy cases. It has been revealed that the Irish government was aware of the suspected adverse reactions caused by Pandemrix, a swine flu vaccine,…

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Legal exec

Who is the Best Choice of Executor?

In choosing an Executor the following is relevant.   Firstly it is best to take someone who is younger than you for the simple reason that they should outlive you.  Someone who is older than you or the same age, even though these are the people you may trust in your daily life, may not…

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Barring Order

Woman granted Barring Order against abusive husband

The order was granted for a period of three years under which time she will be under the protection of the court. A woman battling cancer has been granted a barring order against her husband by a judge this week. Speaking to the court about the trauma she has endured, she said that she was…

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Boy awarded €55,000 by the High Court after accident with Electric Car

A young boy has been awarded €55,000 by the High Court after he was knocked down by a ‘noiseless’ electric car. The boy, who was five a half years old when the incident took place, was knocked to the ground by the car in a Dublin car park, causing a fracture in his lower leg.…

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wills challenge

10 Tips for a Successful Wills Challenge

SOME BACKGROUND  TO CONSIDER WHEN MAKING YOUR WILL OR CONTESTING  ANOTHER WILL.  (Thanks to Padraig Courtney Solicitor with the Law Society for his research on this area ) Change in the Direct Farm Payment Scheme   Statutory Instrument 639 of now   confirms where the Will does not mention the entitlements.They now transfer with the…

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Schoolgirl Awarded 36K after an accident in a fun centre

An eleven-year-old girl has been awarded €36,000 by the Circuit Civil Court after breaking her leg in two places at a fun centre in March 2016.      Counsel for the young girl from Stamullen, Co. Meath, told Circuit Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke that while playing on a trampoline at the centre and…

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Barman awarded €20k for offensive language about sexual-orientation

A restaurant has been ordered to pay a bar manager €20,000 compensation by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) after he was repeatedly called “queer” at work, constituting harassment in the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation. The bar manager, a gay man, provided the WRC with a number of examples of the offensive language used…

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